The so called beauty standards… (2 min read)

Sharp features, long black hair, fair and clear skin, slim …” , our very own narrow definition of beauty. For a population of 646 million (approx) women in India (according to the internet), yes this definition is very very narrow.
“Required beautiful fair and slim working girl for handsome MBA boy working for a MNC”, quoting exactly from a newspaper’s matrimonial section. Yes we are a country truly obsessed with fair complexion. From fairness creams to various treatments available, fair skin is promoted every second. Obviously we do have surgeries to perfect other features (even body parts, I don’t think I need to say more).

We want to lose weight or as a matter of fact any change, not for ourselves but for others. “Use this face-pack, it will help lighten your skin” or “Join a gym, it will help you in losing weight” or “Don’t you eat enough you are so thin” even better when I got a tattoo done without anyone’s permission my mother’s epic reaction “Now who will marry you” (very strange I know). We Indians are way too obsessed on getting married and getting others married I guess.

There is no harm in changing yourself but only when you feel that you want to change and not for others.

Although I am fair skinned but certainly not clear skinned, I don’t have sharp features, but with all my flaws I believe that I am beautiful and so are all of you. No one has the right to decide which physical attribute is beautiful and which is not. Self belief is very important always believe in yourself. Accept yourself the way you are. Your flaws and imperfections make you unique. You are beautiful with all your flaws and no one can change this fact.

Last but not the least be positive and be yourself.

– Priyanka Lamba



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