My hair journey & tips I learnt (3 min read)

Hello everyone. Today I am going to talk about my hair journey from damaged, frizzy hair to healthy hair and my hair growth.

I always wanted to grow my hair, but being a curly haired girl it was always difficult to grow my hair as whenever I thought I had grown an inch or so it was time to trim my hair. Finally in February last year I decided to grow my hair, it’s been more than a year but yes my hair is definitely a lot healthier and a little longer (don’t expect miracles especially if you are curly haired).

Here are some tips that I tried for growing my hair and making them healthy:


  • Comb your hair from the tips and not from the roots and comb gently. Combing hair from the top causes hair to break. Avoid combing hair when wet as combing wet hair can cause breakage and split ends. If necessary you can use a wide toothed comb when your hair is wet. Clean your comb at least once a week.
  • Don’t rub your hair with a towel after you wash them, it can cause hair to split. Gently press your hair with a cotton t-shirt to remove the excess water and let them air dry.
  • Ends are the oldest portion of your hair so be careful with them and take extra care of your ends. Apply a little oil (coconut oil is the best for this purpose, but you may use any oil of your choice but use a natural oil) when you feel the ends are getting dry. If you take good care of your ends you won’t have to trim them often.
  • Get a trim when your ends start looking damaged. No need to get a trim if your ends are healthy. Hair grows from the roots so trimming your ends won’t make them grow faster. I personally get a trim every 3-4 months and I don’t trim more than an inch or whatever length I feel needs to be trimmed.
  • Avoid washing your hair daily. Scalp produces natural oil which is necessary for hair. Try washing your hair after 1-2 days even better if you can go without washing for longer. But if you are someone whose hair gets dirty easily don’t give long gaps between washes and wash after every 1-2 days.


  • Apply any kind of hair oil that suits you before washing your hair, it can range from coconut oil, olive oil to castor. I personally use castor oil and coconut oil mixture a lot and it works well. Apply the oil and massage for at least 5 minutes. This improves blood circulation and stimulates the hair follicles which is good for hair growth.
  • Use a sulfate free shampoo for washing your hair. I generally don’t use a conditioner, so won’t mention it here.

Diet & exercise

  • Drink a lot of water as water helps circulate the nutrients in our body. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.
  • Eat healthy as it is very important for healthy skin and hair. Remember what you put in is what shows out. Avoid junk food and eating out as much as you can and you will see a marked difference in your hair and skin.
  • Exercise regularly as in addition to helping you stay fit this will also help you in achieving healthy hair by increasing blood circulation in your body.


  • Avoid heat styling and blow drying as much as you can. If it is necessary use a heat protectant. Even better there are a lot of heat less hairstyles tutorials on getting heat less curls, waves, straight hair etc available on the internet. Using too much heat causes split ends and damages your hair. Try embracing your natural hair.
  • Dyeing your hair damages them, but if you do dye your hair make sure you take good care of your hair.
  • Use protective hairstyles (braids, buns etc) whenever possible because they prevent hair from getting tangled and thus preventing breakage and split ends. There are a lot of tutorials available for various protective hairstyles. Don’t tie your hair too tight as it can lead to hair breakage.

The key to growing long and healthy hair is persistence. Have patience and follow these tips, it may take time depending on your hair type but you will surely see improvement in your hair.

– Priyanka Lamba



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