MARS = VENUS (3 min read)

Hello everyone, today I am going to talk about something that has been going on in my mind for quite a few days and the title says it all.

The species homosapiens is divided into two categories male and female. It is said (and not believed) that except for a few physical differences we are the same and are collectively known as human beings. As we all grow up we are made to realize in the most subtle way how a girl is different from a boy and in some case even inferior to him. I would like to narrate a few incidents to substantiate my claim.

A friend of mine and I attended a couple of meetings (where male students were in majority) regarding an event in our college, few minutes into the meeting I was made to realize (through innumerable taunts and useless questions) that I was not intelligent enough because of my gender. These students were a couple of years younger to us, forget respect they were talking to us in such a way as if we were not from this planet, advising us on every minor matter. They were asking for our ideas but not considering any idea seriously let alone implementing those ideas.

I have not written this post to malign anyone, but to share a few things that have always bothered me,

  • Girls are not dumb. If a person is dumb it has something to do with the absolute lack of common sense and nothing to do with gender. Also a woman is beyond her face and assets. No explanation needed here.
  • When we talk of equal rights there is no place for any male/female bashing. Men and women are meant to be equal whether it be at home or at workplace or anywhere else. This planet won’t exist if either of the gender becomes extinct, I don’t need to explain the science (biology rather) behind this. Both the genders are equally important.
  • Recently I came across an advertisement of a renowned snack product for kids where they were offering the product in packets of blue(for boys) and pink (for girls). They were also giving toys along with the snack, superhero stuff for boys and hello kitty toys for girls which is rubbish. Why are we creating this difference at such a tender age? I remember when I was a kid I played with toys ranging from cars to dolls. My younger brother mostly played with my soft toys and dolls and that doesn’t make him any less of a man. Pink is not my favorite color that doesn’t make me any less feminine.
  • Gender roles are something which again is doing more harm than good. Masculine roles are usually associated with strength, aggression and dominance whereas feminine roles are associated with passivity, nurturing and subordination. For example, everyone thinks that a girl should know how to cook. I can barely prepare instant noodles (can’t say if it is a dish or not) and I have friends who constantly say that their fathers cook better than their mothers. Another example, girls are considered to be gossip mongers trust me I have come across a lot of boys who love to gossip more than any girl would. We need to break away from these stereotypes in order to build a healthy and strong society , a society based on equality and not on dominance. Even an emotion like crying is considered to be a woman’s emotion and not a man’s. Men don’t cry they say , why aren’t they humans ?

To an extent we women are also at fault for not taking a stand for ourselves whether it is for our choices, our opinions, our dreams and aspirations or our ideologies.

It’s high time feminism becomes a practice and not just another word available in the dictionary. It’s time to put this word to life.

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-Priyanka Lamba


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