Beauty hacks using vaseline (2 min read)

Hello everyone. Today I am going to share with you the numerous uses of vaseline. Vaseline is a staple in every bathroom cabinet, it can be used in various ways:

  • DIY lip balm: Vaseline can be used to make lip gloss or lip balm at home. Vaseline can be used to heal chapped lips, it works as good as a regular chapstick.
  • To define lashes & tame brows: You can get shiny, thicker looking lashes without mascara. Applying vaseline to the area makes the lashes look longer and more voluminous. Also you can dab a little vaseline on your brows and smooth it over your arches to tame brows. Vaseline also helps eyelashes and eyebrows to grow thicker and longer when used every night. This is a slow process though.
  • To treat dry skin around the eyes: Putting a thin layer of vaseline jelly under the eyes will lock in moisture and form a protective barrier.
  • To soothe cracked heels and dry hands: Before bed apply vaseline to your feet and put on some socks to wake up to softer feet. You can also apply it to your hands for moisturization.
  • Keep elbows and knees soft: Apply a little vaseline on your elbows and knees to keep them moisturised.
  • To protect cuts and burns: Vaseline is not an antiseptic but it will act as a barrier against dirt and germs and protect the cut or burn from infection.
  • DIY Lip scrub: Mix sugar with vaseline to create a lip scrub. It will help get rid of any flakes and give super smooth lips.
  • To prevent lipstick from staining your teeth: A very tiny amount must be rubbed on teeth when applying lipstick , this prevents lipstick from getting on your teeth.
  • To get rid of dry patches: Consistent application of vaseline after shower will help get rid of dry patches on skin.
  • To hide split ends: Use small amount to smooth those split ends. Don’t use too much as it will turn your hair into a greasy mess.
  • To tame unruly fly-aways: Rub a pinch of vaseline between your palms and smooth it over your strands.
  • To protect your skin while dyeing your hair: Apply some vaseline along your hairline and top rims of your ears before dyeing your hair, the dye will stain the jelly and not your skin.
  • To soothe dry cuticles: Use a pea-sized amount of vaseline for all the fingers to soften and soothe cracked cuticles. It is way cheaper than most cuticle creams.
  • To perfect your manicure: Apply little vaseline to the area surrounding the nails before you paint them. The petroleum jelly will keep the nail polish from spreading outside your nails.
  • As makeup remover: Use vaseline as you would use your regular makeup remover and then wash it off with your facewash .
  • To create a dewy look: Dab a little vaseline on the apples of your cheeks to accentuate your cheekbones and create a beautiful glow.
  • Keep perfume from fading: Rub vaseline on your wrists and then spray perfume on this area, this will make the perfume last longer.
  • To aid earring insertion: If you don’t wear earrings regularly, putting those studs can be painful. Rub your lobes with a little vaseline before hand so that it is easier to put on the earrings.
  • To remove things that are stuck: If a ring is stuck on your finger apply vaseline to your finger and the ring can be slipped off much easily.
  • Restore old leather: There is no need to invest in expensive leather restoring products, vaseline gets the job done equally well. Apply a coating of petroleum jelly to the leather, massage in, remove the excess and you are good to go.

Hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more. Till then stay happy, be positive and live life to the fullest.

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Priyanka Lamba


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