Breaking away from the herd mentality…(<1 min read)

Hey everyone!!! Hope you all are doing good. Today I am going to share with you something I truly believe in.

I have always believed in putting across my point firmly and doing my thing (received my share of backlash for the same). Sometimes I am even called rude because of this.


Herd mentality describes how people are influenced by others to adopt certain behaviors.


  • Make a conscious effort to form your own opinion: Rather than adopting the herd mentality, educate yourself about your choices in order to make a well-informed decision.
  • Take time to make decisions: Take time to make decisions by keeping in mind all the options.
  • Be willing to stand out: Have enough courage to break away from the herd mentality. Find your purpose and create a mission.

It is always better to be known as a lone wolf rather than a copycat.

I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more. Till then stay happy and be unique.

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-Priyanka Lamba



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