Spending time in solitude (1 min read)

Hey everyone!!! Hope you all are doing good. Recently I have noticed that I enjoy being with myself. Spending time with yourself makes time spent with others more enjoyable as a result of being in tune with yourself.

When you are alone nothing can prevent you from listening to your inner voice.We live in a world where “ping” has become an omnipresent background noise, continuously informing us of any notification. One result of this social involvement is that many of us rarely have any time alone.


  • Being with yourself with no distractions gives you the chance to clear your mind, improving concentration.
  • When you are part of a group you are more likely to go along with what the group is doing, which isn’t always the decision you would take if you were on your own.
  • Solitude provides time for you to think deeply and find your inner voice.
  • Solitude helps you work through problems more effectively as it is difficult to think of an effective solution when you are distracted.

One of the simplest way for spending time with yourself is to set aside some time each day to unplug from all the mediums with which you connect with others. Turn off all the gadgets and do whatever makes you happy.

I hope you enjoyed the post, hope to see you soon. Till then stay happy, be positive and enjoy solitude.

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-Priyanka Lamba



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