How to start your day on a positive note (1 min read)

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”


It is said that well begun is half done. We go to sleep each night and wake up to a new day with new opportunities. Generally, the way we start our day influences how we feel for the rest of the day.

Here are some simple ways to start your day on a positive note:

  • Go to bed early. You are not going to be happy waking up if you are not getting enough sleep.
  • Get rid of that blaring alarm or change it for something pleasant.
  • Eliminate gadgets at least half an hour before sleep and after you wake up. You should spend the first hour of your day setting your own plans and agendas. Similarly you should spend the last hour of your day preparing to rest your body and mind.
  • As soon as you wake up, smile and think something positive.
  • Trade coffee/tea for water. Water will help to jump start your metabolism, flush out toxins and give your brain the fuel it needs to start your day on a positive note.
  • Move your body. Everyone knows that exercising releases endorphins and promotes a positive mindset.
  • Eat a healthy and well-balanced breakfast.
  • Go slow don’t rush through things, this keeps the stress away.

I hope this post helped you, stay tuned for more. Till then be happy and stay positive. 

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-Priyanka Lamba


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