Keeping yourself motivated (1 min read)

Motivation is the desire to do things. It is the difference between waking up early to go about doing work and dazing around all the day.

Here are some really simple things one can do to remain motivated:

  • Choose One Goal and focus on it completely. You can always achieve other goals once you are done with goal one.
  • Find inspiration : One can draw inspiration from any source be it other individuals, books, magazines etc.
  • Find out what makes you happy and then do that as much as you can.
  • Realize that there is an ebb an flow: Motivation is not a constant phenomenon. But realize that while it may go away, it doesn’t do so permanently.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and don’t fear failure.
  • Think about the benefits, not the difficulties. Instead of thinking about how tiring exercising can be, focus on how good and healthy you will feel once you are done.
  • Start small and build on small successes. If you start small, you are going to be successful.
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

I hope you liked this post, stay tuned for more. Till then stay positive and keep yourself motivated.

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-Priyanka Lamba



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