Friends, friends everywhere… (<1 min read)

I have always believed in being around people who add value to my life and vice versa, instead of being surrounded by a mob that does no good.

In the age of social media where many people opt for broad shallow networking, the essence of true friendship has gone astray. It just take seconds to become someone’s “BFF”.

Friends ideally should be those with whom you connect with, those who never judge you, those who are always there for you. (P.S. those who tag you in memes.)

Everyone is different when it comes to their social needs, but having a few close friends who provide emotional and companionate support are better than having an overload of acquaintances who provide none of the above. It is of no use to be surrounded by people only to feel utterly lonely.

Hence, one should dedicate their time and energy in relationships that truly fulfil them.

Facebook: FunFashionFreedom

Twitter: @funfashionfredm

-Priyanka Lamba


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